Simple Steps That Can Solve Water Crisis

Water resources are the sources of water that are useful to human or which are likely to be used. Water uses include agriculture, industrial, domestic, entertainment and environmental activities. In fact, most of these human uses require fresh water.

Presently the whole world is going through a horrific phase of a water crisis. Thinkers of the world believe that in the coming time, a bigger crisis is going to be present in front of the world than the present time In such a situation, one remembers something that the fourth world war in the world will be due to water.

In fact, if we are not aware of water conservation, then it can get even worse results. With increasingly surrendering pumps, the water level of the earth is declining below, due to which the problem of earthquake or bursting of the earth is being promoted. Such measures should be taken so that the water of the earth can be brought back to the earth.

According to statistics, it has been assessed that less than 1% of the water is worth drinking on earth. If we find the full ratio of drinking water and population of the world, it will be, every day more than one billion people live in the world in 1 gallon of water. It has also been assessed that more than 3 billion people will be struggling with water shortage by 2025.

Today Cape Town is in the headlines for another reason. The water crisis here has reached its peak. Anyway, for the last decade, this city was going through a shortage of water and nothing was done for the time being. Now the condition is that the water is not available for supply to households. Everything is stutter because there is water, then life is there. Everything has been closed down here and there. Now it is possible to give only 25 liters of water per person and army and police are also being prepared to deal with any kind of water riot.

First of all, it is necessary that we make a national law on water. There are many countries where water laws have put a big leak on water abuse. Countries such as Israel and Australia make water laws and implement them. Second, 65 to 70 percent of your country’s water is planted. It is necessary that better use of water in agriculture is learned from countries like Israel. The third and more important thing that is in favor of our country is that there is an abundance of rainfall here. About 4,000 billion cubic water is available every year, but only 15 percent of it is preserved. A major initiative is required in this direction. Rainy rivers, empty wells, and dried ponds can give rainy rain to live. We have to prepare all the ways, whether it is the solution associated with every citizen or from the corporate houses, we have to make every effort to add water. While one has to work on water conservation and its efficient use, the law will advocate for the misuse of water. Otherwise, we will not be able to ignore the news of Cape Town and the United Arab Emirates on time to come, because then we ourselves will be part of the water crisis itself. Wisdom and responsibility in such crisis cannot be left to the government, because the government keeps changing. But our collective awareness can change such a situation in the coming time.

Every household’s contribution is also very important and can make a change. If every household will conserve water if not needed, it can save a lot of water. Winter is probably the best time to save water since it is the season when people do not use much water. Having a tankless water heater can save water during winter. Thanks to technology we now have very advanced water heater from the top line brands that can bring so much convenience to anyone.