Water is an essential resource that has multiple uses in a community. Most of the activities of the people in the community require water. Some of this activities include production in industries, domestic and recreation purposes and finally, for health and life. Consequently, we should conserve water resource to avoid drought, preserve the environment and sustain life. Conservation of water resource in the community begins with the single step of understanding its main threats. War is the main threat to the water resource. Understanding how war can lead to a problem of water around the world is a fundamental step towards saving water. Solving this issues will be a dramatic step towards water conservation.

War delays construction of water preservation reservoirs and dams. This is because, resources that may be used to construct dams and water channels are directed towards acquisition of weapons. In the event of warmest communities order for more sophisticated weapons. By doing this, the communities are compelled to forego the project of investing in the construction of water catchment dams and channels.

The second way of how war can lead to water crisis is by destroying water catchment areas. This happens when water reservoirs are are destroyed during war. This is for example, when the bomb last explodes in the water dam or any water reservoir. The water flows away and the community remains with no water to use This may form a major water crisis in the community. Heavy explosions that results from war is a major cause water crisis in the most community. In some instances,the rounds of ammunition heat the water buckets, pails and drums leading to the spillage of water. However, there are also some weapons that only have minimal destruction when used during wars like that onĀ http://www.minutemanreview.com/best-ar-15-scopes/

The aftermath of all this is water problem in the community. The other cause of water crisis in a community is when the warring communities make enmity that makes it difficult to share water resources. This happens when the communities share the same water sources in a given area The inferior or the loser during the war may not be able to access the water. As a result,the other community ends up suffering and experiencing the water crisis. Use of nuclear warheads and very heavy explosives may alter the water flow of rivers. At the same time,explosion may lead to the disappearance of water areas. When a river changes its direction off low due to the explosion of nuclear weapon, the community lacks water since the flows through other understanding how a war may cause water problem is important since it helps understand the problem and initiate means of solving it in the event of war.