A water softener can completely change your home because it softens any type of water, including homes that use well water and those who get their water from the city. We found the best water softeners on the market but also wrote a buying guide to help you choose the best option from those systems.

How to Choose the Correct Water Softener for Your Needs


We found water softeners suitable for any budget. You might want to spend around $500 or less on a new softener, but you may have as much as $1,000 to $1,200 in your budget for the new appliance. Our top products can fit that budget.


Water softeners are available in different types, including whole-home units to soften the water that every faucet or tap uses and salt-free models that soften the water without using salt. You can choose twin tanks too that provide more clean and softened water as well as ion models that come with a resin tank.

Filter and Softener Combo Units

Many homeowners choose water softeners that also function as filtration systems. These combo units include two or more layers of filtration that remove both liquid and solid particles from your water. A combo unit is a good choice for those who have contaminated groundwater and those who have well water.


Size is important if you have a limited amount of available space in your home. Some systems are so large that they can take up as much space as a washer and dryer do, but others are more compact and only need a few feet. You can view the measurements of each water softener to see if it will fit in your home.

Water Capacity

One of the top things to consider before buying a water softener is its capacity, which tells you if it can meet the needs of your household. Most people use around 80 gallons of water every day, which is why you can multiply 80 by the number of people in your home. A two-person home needs a water softener with a capacity of 160 gallons.

Reviewing The Best Water Softeners By Purpose

Best Home Water Softener: Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Softener (View on Amazon)

Whirlpool is a name that you can trust because it has a long history of making household appliances. The company’s WHES30E ranks as our choice for the best home water softener because it can work in homes with just one person as well as families with four or more members.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) certified this water softener, which shows that it can handle some of the issues that you face. Not only does it keep impurities in your hard water from building up on your faucets and inside your pipes, but it can also keep spots from forming on your dishes. It does a good job of preventing buildup on sinks and in toilets and reducing the risk of stains forming.

This water softener can help you save money every year too because it automatically calculates how much water and salt that you need. It can automatically soften the water before you reach for the tap and add the right amount of salt too.

The WHES30E removes up to three parts per million of lead in your water supply and uses 30,000 grains. It can target other substances in the water also, including chlorine, manganese, magnesium and sediments.

Best Water Softener for Well Water: Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck Water Softener (View on Amazon)

Well water is something that many people who live in rural settings deal with daily. Thanks to this Pentair water softener, you can remove the foul odors and bad tastes associated with your well water. It creates water that you’ll want to drink and use around the house.

This system comes with a metered control head that lets you change the settings and adjust the water flow. As the head has a digital design, you can easily read the screen in the middle of the night. It also displays error code when something goes wrong.

Pentair added an upgraded resin to this system to make it last longer. That resin also acts as a filter to remove toxins and impurities. Wells can add chlorine, lead and other contaminants to a water supply, but this softer will remove those impurities.

With the on-demand control valve, you can get the exact amount of clean water that you want as soon as you turn the tap. The included brine tank can hold up to 250 pounds of salt and automatically add that salt when your water needs it. Not only does this Pentair water softener include a five-year warranty, but you get a 10-year warranty on the tank.

Best Salt Free Water Softener: YARNA Electronic Water Descaler System (View on Amazon)

If you want to soften your home’s water without using salt, you can opt for an alternative system such as this one from YARNA. This system is easy to install and works with any existing pipes of up to one inch.

As one of the more unique water softeners that you’ll find, this one features flat impulse bands that you add around your pipes. A microchip inside the water softener sends a signal to those bands, which will then send impulses into the pipes to clean and purify the water.

Unlike similar systems that can reduce your flow rating, YARNA promises that this system works at the flow rating that you want. You can use as little as 25 gallons of up to 100 gallons of water every hour. It also uses twice the voltage that other alternative water softeners do to clean and soften the water faster.

With two mounting options available for home installers, this water softener can mount directly on the pipe or a nearby wall with a flat surface. Though you need to plug the YARNA system into an outlet, it features a five-foot-long power cord that can reach the closest outlet.

Best Twin Tank Water Softener: AFWFilters 80K On-Demand Twin Tank Water Softener (View on Amazon)

Twin tank systems keep a continuous supply of clean water ready and waiting for you. With this water softener from AFWFilters, you have the water that you need first thing in the morning and the middle of the night. It provides a large supply of water for the whole house too.

With the warranty provided by the manufacturer, you get coverage for five years on the valves and a total of 10 years on the tanks. As long as you keep the original paperwork, you can use the warranty to get any repairs or new parts that you need.

Designed for home installation, this system comes with detailed instructions on how to use it. If you have any problems, you can contact customer support online and view video tutorials.

With an 80,000 grain capacity in each tank, this water softener can provide clean bathing and drinking water for households with five or more people. It has two mineral tanks as well as a bypass to let you remove impurities and bypass the clean water in the tanks. This comes in handy when you need water quickly to rinse your car or do other tasks outside.

Final Verdict: Our Top Choice for Your Money

Whirlpool gives you a solid water softener that can work in all areas of your home, but we also like that the Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Softener (View on Amazon.com) is an affordable appliance for those on a budget. It provides clear water that is free of impurities and can work in homes with four or more people. Between the Whirlpool and systems from other manufacturers, you can find a great option for your home.